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Erwin Boon

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food packaging, hygiene disposables, tableware

B E  D I F F E R E N T

adding value to customer experience

25+ years sourcing, marketing and selling innovations in food packaging, hygiene disposables and foodservice equipment. Connecting you with manufacturers standing out from the mainstream.


WashMe reusable cutlery

sustainable, reusable, recyclable, dishwasher safe

What: EU made from a 40%PP and 60% wood fibers biocomposite from StoraEnso. Why: sustainable, short lead-times, private label optional.

A cooperation between Boon Packaging & Aterin Oy.

PlantB single use cutlery

sustainable, single use, SUP compliant, 100% plastic free

What: Single use, 100% plastic and PFAS free, home compostable, Nordic paperpulp  Why: EU SUP compliant, sustainable, the only paper cutlery without plastic or PFAS additives, short lead-times, private label optional.

A cooperation between Boon Packaging & Aterin Oy.

Woodlery cutlery dispenser

convenient, hygienic, sustainable

What: Premium wooden cutlery in a super hygienic dispenser. Smooth surface. Sustainable FSC wood. Zero touch from factory to user = super hygienic without cross contamination. Easy to use. Easy to refill. Only pick what you need = no loss. Fully EU SUP compliant (directive EU 2019/904). Fully patented. Why: A perfect combination of hygiene, convenience and sustainability.

A cooperation between Boon Packaging & KOLOR Ltd.

AirCarbon straws

the greenest alternative for soggy paper straws

What: A non-chemically modified natural material made from air, natural saltwater minerals and leaking sources of methane. The greenhouse gas contributing to the anthropogenic (human made) part of climate change. AirCarbon stores carbon. Like trees do. Why: Compared to other green materials, AirCarbon doesn’t require harvesting trees or crops from land or sea. AirCarbon is PHB and PHB is made naturally in almost all known life on Earth, from microorganisms and trees to the human body. Nature knows what to do with it. Natural microorganisms can consume it as food for regrowth. It’s why AirCarbon straws have the TÜV OK HOME compost certificate and are ISO verified carbon negative. AirCarbon is an award winning invention 

A cooperation between Boon Packaging & Newlight Technologies Inc.

plastic free paper cups

PLASTIC FREE paper cups

Flustix certified plastic free and FSC or PEFC certified

What: Guaranteed plastic free paper cups (no PE or PLA coating). Only those with a plastic free certification by Flustix GmbH. Only those made with FSC or PEFC certified paper from sustainable managed forests. Why: No SUPD (turtle) logo needed. Perfect recyclability. No legal limitations for office use (Netherlands). Show you care!

A cooperation between Boon Packaging & various renowned factories.

CBD packaging

CBD packaging

full CBD range, China based expert team

What:  Full range of packaging for CBD products and essential oils. From HB International (based in China and the USA). Already the sourcing agency for CBD packaging in America and Canada. Today their services are also available for European CBD companies Why: Directly from the manufacturing source in the Far East: Shortening your supply line, saving costs.

A cooperation between Boon Packaging & HB International Inc.


trendy, hygienic, sustainable

What: Coolhands (bamboo) and SmartWipes (viscose). Premium, sustainable, compostable wet hand wipes. Treated with mild Path-Away organic disinfectant. Large size. Single folded or single rolled. Modern scent. Why: Hygiene products are part of the guest’s feel-good experience.

A cooperation between Boon Packaging & Coolhands BV.

Restore foodware

carbon negative, sustainable

What: Regenerative foodware. Made from carbon negative AirCarbon, using microorganisms (of salty water) to extract granulate from greenhouse gasses.  Compostable. Fully ocean degradable. Reusable and/or disposable. Note:  We’re in close contact with the European Commission having the PHB AirCarbon allowed under an updated version of the EU SUP legislation. Stay tuned! Why: AirCarbon is the pinnacle of new sustainable materials.

A cooperation between Boon Packaging & Newlight Technologies Inc.

HeiQ Viroblock

comfortable, washable, anti-bacterial

What: Sustainable washable high tech textile masks and grip gloves. Comfortable to wear. Easy to machine wash. Viroblock treated giving a 30 times higher antiviral and antibacterial protection. Winner Swiss Technology Award 2020. Why: A perfect combination of personal protection, comfort and sustainability.

A cooperation between Boon Packaging & HeiQ Material AG


stylish, eco-friendly

What:100% eco tissue-, toilet- and kitchen paper.  100% recycled content. Made with 100% green energy. Modern dispensers available. Why: Hygiene products are part of your company’s Co2 footprint. Show you care!

A cooperation between Boon Packaging &100%eco BV.


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